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Application deadline

The next deadline for applying to Air Greenland for a sponsorship is April 1, 2019, after which Air Greenland’s sponsor committee processes applications in the middle of the month. Du will receive a reply to your application before the May 1, 2019. The deadline does not apply to requests for Ilik Club Trips, which are processed on a continual basis, but an application must be made at least 7 days before departure.

Air Greenland does not grant sponsorships for the following periods:

  • from one week before to one week after Easter Sunday
  • from 15th June until 14th September incl.
  • from 17th December until 8th January incl.

If you want sponsored tickets in connection with press and media coverage or other journalistic content about Greenland, Air Greenland has chosen to collaborate with Visit Greenland which you can contact via the following link:

Note that Air Greenland does not give subsidies or sponsorships to trips outside the commercial route network. This means, that Air Greenland is not able to assist where Disco Line has service contracts. You may therefore find that it is not possible to find your town of departure in the form below.

Contact information

Please read through the entire form, before you fill in the fields. The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

* Organisation:
Enter name, if you are applying as a private person
* Contact person:
* Address:
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* E-mail address:
* Phone:
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Type of sponsorship
* The application for the sponsorship is for:

Project information

Please fill in all fields adequately. Air Greenland does not acquire further information, but grants or refuses your application on the basis of the information in this application form.

* Short name for the project, for which the application applies:
* Short description of the project:
Upload any files with more details about the project:
* Start date for implementation of the project:
* Completion date of the project:
* Budget for the project - enter amounts:
Upload budget for the project:
For larger projects, it is compulsory to upload a file with the budget, if we are to consider your application. File formats: PDF, txt, Word or Excel.
* Where and how are your sponsored activities visible?
(We would like to know in which geographic area(s) (regions, towns), you are active and how this is supported by any exposure/PR through TV and other media).
* Description of how Air Greenland can use this sponsorship in its marketing:
(We would like to know precisely what exposure Air Greenland attains through the sponsorship. What does Air Greenland gain from this sponsorship?).
If possible, upload a file showing how Air Greenland can use the sponsorship in its marketing:
Have you/your organization been granted sponsorships for other projects? If so, from where?
Have you applied for sponsorships from others for this project? If so, from where?
Free tickets to your event:
(If your application is for our services in connection with a concert, play, or film show or the like: To what extent would you make free tickets available to Air Greenland? We use them e.g. as prizes in competitions).

Enter the letters and numbers shown in the graphics. This is required in order to submit the application.